Bathing and Grooming
Bathed, groomed and bow tie on - we'll have them looking their best!

Our talented, caring and highly skilled groomers Laura and Gemma are ready to make your pooches next groom perfect!

They shampoo every dog 3 times with different shampoos in our electronic lift bath before using a conditioner all over. All dogs are dried thoroughly, their nails clipped and their anal glands emptied.

If your pooch is having a haircut Gemma and Laura will scissor trim with care and patience using the best quality scissors and clippers available. Those with a thicker coat are de-shed. The whole process takes a couple of hours but don’t worry, treats and lots of TLC are always wonderful distractions! If he’s going out tonight, cologne is essential and bow ties are back in fashion!

Send us a photo or pop in for a quote.

We do groom long haired cats or anxious dogs too. Sometimes a little sedation from the vets is necessary just to get the job done on that matted hair!