Cat boarding at the vets

Boutique Cattery at Illawarra Animal Hospital

If you’re heading away for holidays and want to feel certain that your feline member of the royal family is suitably well cared for, why not have her stay with us. Happy Cats @ Illawarra Animal Hospital is a boutique cattery caring for cats with individual love and attention.

Our cattery is housed in a separate area to our hospital kennels so there are no dogs to disturb your cat. The cattery has ducted air-conditioning so its nice and warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. The cats are professionally cared for by our Veterinary Technicians who are experienced at spotting any health problems and of course the vet is never far away! We feed Hills Vet Essentials Diet (unless your cat prefers her regular diet!) because its the best diet available for your furry friend. We use feliway cat pheromones and lots of toys to minimise cattery stress. There are lots of opportunities to be out and about for the more active and adventurous cats.

Of course, administering any medications required while boarding is our specialty! If your cat requires surgery or dental work, we can even conveniently undertake this while you are away.

Boarding criteria and pricing

To board, your cat must be up to date with its vaccination and have no evidence of infectious diseases such as cat flu. Please ask us if your cat is due for vaccination.

Boarding costs $27/day.